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Fr Husband can bless the food if the other does not show. by 'church-people.' And most likely, you will end up hurting parishioners as well. I try and help my children tolerate the foibles of some (for example, an older parishioner with strong opinions on how things are done), but I can't sit and let them get hurt by the occasional person who really wants to cause pain. I suspect that many priest's wives and even deacon's wives stay under the radar so that they won't scandalize anyone.

A thick skin is needed as well as a holy life filled with prayer and fasting.He might not be ordained as a deacon and priest, and he might blame you.The bishop doesn't guarantee ordination when a man starts studying. Perhaps politics swings back to He will be considered a second-class priest.John the Baptist, which is related to Christ’s birth as the Theotokos had visited her cousin Elizabeth (mother of St. Another later thought is that the celebration of the Winter Solstice is around this date and that there were Roman festivals.These festivals were called ‘Saturnalia’ and ‘Dies Natalis Solis Invicti’ meaning “Birthday of the Unconquered Sun.” Regardless of who is right (or if anyone is right), we Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25.When Metropolitan Philip was an impoverished seminarian at the Balamand in the 1940s, he vowed that, one day, if it were up to him, seminarians who were willing to devote their life to service in the Orthodox Church would have the financial support from the Church that they need to complete their studies.